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Thought For The Day – Passing Places – 28th Apr 2017

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Do you, like me, find the news all a bit stressful at the moment? Whether it’s Trump or Brexit or snap General Elections, everyone seems to be irritated with each other. So it was interesting to hear a fresh voice this week.

It was Tuesday, in Vancouver, the second day of the annual week-long TED conference. TED is a global movement devoted to spreading ideas. It does this in the form of powerful 18-minute TED talks, which have been watched by millions of people, billions of times, online. The day started in a fairly predictable way – lots of speakers on robotics; some stuff on the human response to AI; and a session in Spanish. Then, all of a sudden, to give the next TED talk, the Pope appeared. Now that’s certainly one way to liven up a conference hall! Read More

Diogenes Small, RIP

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I discovered how easy it is to get a book dedicated to you when I was about 13. All you have to do is ​gather your sisters, and gang up on ​his best mate at ​your grandfather’s funeral. And hey presto, The Secret of Annex 3, by Colin Dexter, for Elizabeth, Anna and Eve. Read More