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March 2012

Just because we blow our own trumpet doesn’t mean we don’t need you to as well

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I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not being funny, some of my best friends are introverts you know. But it would be odd, in the face of all these articles on how fabulous and under-appreciated they are, if an extrovert didn’t wade in just to remind you all of 10 reasons why extroverts are also rather fabulous. But by all means, introverts, please re-read the articles first – I know you like to be on top of the data (HarvardSusan Cain on TED and Psychology Today).

But back to us extroverts – those 10 reasons: Read More

Sunday Orphans

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Of course it is the prerogative of the current age to be arrogant about everything that has gone before. But the seemingly minor and snap decision to drop the existing barriers on Sunday trading needs more thought, particularly as no-one seems to believe the line that this is only a temporary arrangement. The argument to ‘keep Sunday special’ isn’t particularly about Christianity, it’s about humanity. Read More