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January 2012

qui ambulant in lege domini

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Sermon preached at Portsmouth Cathedral, Sunday 29 January 2012

The anthem for today is Beati Quorum Via by Charles Villiers Stanford. The choir might be interested to know that, while he was an undergraduate in the 1870s, Stanford was so cross with the Cambridge University Musical Society for refusing to allow female singers that he founded his own mixed voice choir. It was so much better than theirs, that the Musical Society gave in and agreed to a merger, so it is a particularly apt choice today. Read More

Am I choosing to write this blog?

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You may recall that a chapter on Corporate Psychopaths was included in the 2010 book I co-edited on Ethical Leadership. Its primary author, Clive Boddy, has been attracting some recent press attention on the subject, following publication of an extended version of the chapter in the Journal of Business Ethics. One of my longstanding worries about this very useful identification of a potential boardroom problem is whether the said psychopaths could then use this diagnosis to plead diminished responsibility for any perceived wrongdoing. Read More

Banishing Dementors with Whiskers on Kittens

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You’ve probably all seen the Daniel Goleman Emotional intelligence grid. This trusty management 2×2 is deceptively simple. For a start, as it’s usually drawn, there is just a thin black line between the sections labelled ‘self-awareness’ and ‘self-management’. In my world, this looks more like a colossal wall, with very few toe-holds. Who doesn’t like wallowing in it a bit when the car won’t start and it’s raining and someone cuts you up and you’re late and the first person you meet on the way in is somebody ghastly…? So if we’re in the market for some New Year Resolutioneering, here is my contribution to help you scale that wall. Read More