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September 2007


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I gave a paper on Saturday at the Society for the Study of Christian Ethics’ annual conference at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford. The conference theme was the Ideology of Managerialism in Church, State and Politics. My paper was entitled In Praise of Managerialism. What a very peculiar experience. I found it all rather perplexing. I think these intelligent people may well be slightly confused. I suspect their issue is more with capitalism than management, and that they may be killing the messenger by mistake. Read More

The Travels of Marco Poolo, or why Communists make such good Capitalists

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I have just returned from a most thought-provoking visit to Beijing. I was there with our Ashridge MBA students – a fabulously interesting and gifted bunch – and our visit combined sight-seeing with study. China is the world’s 4th largest economy and is growing fast. China also holds 20% of the world’s foreign exchange reserves and is manufacturing most of the world’s goods – as well as disposing of much of the world’s waste. It is hard not to become blasé about the huge numbers that are bandied around about China, but the sheer scale and efficiency is genuinely mind-boggling. Read More