Trust me, I’m a Doctor…

By March 28, 2010Business

This weekend I was lucky enough to open the Sustaining a Business Recovery conference at Ridley Hall in Cambridge. It was my first appearance as Dr Poole, so it was fitting that my talk was all about the Church and capitalism. Here are my 7 theses:

  1. In a globalized world, capitalism reaches communities more quickly than diplomacy or aid does, and brings more money into the community
  2. Trade is more universally agreed than any other ideology so may well be the quickest way to address the green crisis
  3. A market run by angels would be perfect, so it is we who need changing, not the market
  4. At the moment, rich people’s ‘votes’ are prevailing, but the magic of a complex system is that it is susceptible to individual nudges
  5. In evolutionary biology and in game theory, co-operative strategies out-perform competitive ones, and convert them over time…
  6. Businesses stay in business if they keep their customers happy, so:
  7. We need to vote our cash to re-shape the global marketplace, so that the resulting ‘economy’ (which stems from the Greek word for housekeeping) is genuinely one which benefits the whole household and not just those living in the penthouse.

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