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God, Money and the Market

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Talk given to the parish of St Luke and Christ Church, Chelsea, 8 November 2011.

What is money?

I wonder whether you have given much thought to what money really is? Before we invented it, we bartered goods and produce, and possibly services. But it soon became apparent that some kind of secondary system would make this primary market more efficient – what if I want rice today but only have the corn to swap for it tomorrow? Read More

3 ways to change the world

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Lent Talk, St Luke’s Chelsea, Sunday 13 March 2011

My title for today is The Church on Capitalism. What would be really clever is if I were able to make lots of links to the reading about lost sheep or lost coins. But this is no ordinary sermon, it is the first talk of a series of ‘voices of the congregation,’ so I will not attempt to beat the clergy at their own game. Rather, I want to talk to you about why I have spent the last few years writing a book about theology and capitalism, and why I think you should care. Read More