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Robert Burns – Brandmaster

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Tonight I am delivering the Immortal Memory for the University of Edinburgh Business School. I may say something like this:

Robert Burns was born on this day in 1759, making today his 258th birthday. On this day, all over the world, people meet to celebrate the life of this man, a poet. He is on stamps and banknotes; his statue in Leith is wearing socks today; and his portrait stares at the First Minister in Bute House. But what can the average MBA student learn from the life of this man? Well, how not to succeed in business, for one.

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Case Studies and the Disorientation of the Moral Compass

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There has recently been much criticism of business schools, suggesting that their graduates emerge having been ethically desensitised. Indeed, several research studies have shown correlations between unethical behaviour and a person’s seniority, the size of their company and the competitiveness of their industry, as well as the fact of their being male. Most business school graduates do indeed gravitate towards senior jobs in large companies in ‘hot’ industries, and statistically many of them are male. Is this an accident or are business schools somehow complicit in this state of affairs? Read More