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Honour – the dog that didn’t bark

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No company worth its salt neglects these days to have a set of corporate values. Merrill Lynch famously had theirs etched in stone in the lobby of their London office. To these are customarily linked a set of leadership competencies, to facilitate the annual appraisal process. I’m sure these change with the weather, but Barclays traditionally had a set of ‘leadership imperatives’ which included things like ‘Driving Value Creation’ and ‘Pulling Together’. The list included ‘Inspiring Others’, ‘Straight Talking’ and – Bob – ‘Sharing Power & Responsibility.’ Read More

2030 Vision?

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On Monday I gave an interview to a journalist about what skills will be needed by a CEO in 2030. As one of the architects of the Ashridge Future Leaders Experience I know how crucial this kind of crystal ball gazing is and yet how futile. As Ralph Stacey would say, ‘the future is unknowable…any widely held vision of the future must therefore be a delusion.’ That said, here is my stab at answering the journalist’s questions… Read More