Just because we blow our own trumpet doesn’t mean we don’t need you to as well

By March 31, 2012Business

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not being funny, some of my best friends are introverts you know. But it would be odd, in the face of all these articles on how fabulous and under-appreciated they are, if an extrovert didn’t wade in just to remind you all of 10 reasons why extroverts are also rather fabulous. But by all means, introverts, please re-read the articles first – I know you like to be on top of the data (HarvardSusan Cain on TED and Psychology Today).

But back to us extroverts – those 10 reasons:

  1. you can always hear what an extrovert is thinking
  2. they make the day go quicker by organising lots of meetings
  3. they distract the boss a lot with all their talking and body language
  4. they make you introverts look terribly wise and thoughtful
  5. they don’t tend to mind being interrupted
  6. they break the ice for you in awkward social situations
  7. they tend to pay more attention to their appearance and so are often more decorative
  8. you can free-ride on their fight for reward and recognition
  9. their love of brainstorming generates lots of material for introverts to research and ultimately scoff at
  10. with extroverts, you can generally get away with poor listening, as long as you tune in at the end of their stream of consciousness.

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