Desert Island Business Leadership Tools

By February 15, 2008Business

If we ever broadcast the Ashridge Desert Island Leadership Tools, these would be my eight picks:

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator
Goleman’s EQ grid
Kolb’s learning cycle
Whitmore’s GROW coaching model
The Gallup 12 Questions
The Transactional Analysis model
The Stacey Matrix
McKinsey MECE trees

As well as my eight picks, the BBC standard would allow me a book in addition to the Bible and Shakespeare. I think if I am to restrict myself to my most useful book for business, it would have to be the Rule of St Benedict. Either that or Machiavelli’s The Prince. And my luxury? Ashridge crème brulee.
Hang on, I hear you say, won’t it be a desert island? There won’t be anyone for you to manage. Ah, well at least this way I’ll be able to take over the ship when it arrives to rescue me, and readily conquer the nearest habitation…

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