Are you an aspiring leader trying to make a name for yourself in the marketplace? Or an existing leader hoping to further establish yourself? Or perhaps your job is to help leaders develop?

Eve offers a range of services that can help give you the skills and confidence that you need to succeed, regardless of your sector or level of expertise.

Eve works with organisations and individuals as a consultant, coach and session facilitator. Her signature sessions and areas of expertise are outlined below.  


Let Eve audit your Leadership offer to improve your ability to equip leaders for the challenges they face. Talent, Diversity, Transition – all require a tailored approach, and Eve can make sure you optimise your spend in these vital areas of investment.


Eve uses a wide range of different techniques and methods to suit the needs of each client. She helps them to achieve their goals through coaching and mentoring packages, and is BPS Level A & B qualified.


An experienced facilitator, Eve delivers a wide range of sessions to groups of different sizes and seniority. From the Board to the newest graduate intake, across the sectors, and internationally, Eve is a popular, engaging and effective educator.

Based on cutting-edge neurobiological research on how leaders really learn, this will help you discover what muscle-memory leaders really need to succeed. This session includes:

  • Coaching you how to curate your own development journey using the idea of apprentice-pieces.
  • Helping leaders identify and curate their own development journey using the idea of apprentice-pieces.
  • Interactive learning and exercises

A session on the underlying neurobiology that drives our emotional intelligence. Includes:

  • EQ De-Mystifier.
  • Exercises on how to improve emotional competence.
  • Self-tests on the 20 key competencies.
  • Optional modules using actors on difficult conversations and/or on managing your energy to control impulses

Learn how to manage your energy so that you can manage your performance consistently. This session includes:

  • Understanding your battery, ego depletion and the executive function.
  • Dementors vs. whiskers on kittens
  • Using diary planning exercises to optimise time and energy in your working week.

Learn how to discern your personal brand. This session includes:

  • Core group theory on why personal branding matters for leaders.
  • Teaching around ‘The Trust Equation’ and first impressions.
  • Workshops on how to portray yourself consistently and how to manage your brand well with others.

Discover the confidence to succeed

Working with Verve, Eve helps women on the move find the confidence to succeed, through 1: 1 coaching, mentoring, and small group sessions.

Using psychometrics to understand yourself and others well. This session includes:

  • Exercises on preference and energy.
  • Optional modules using actors on difficult conversations and influencing strategies.

Learn all about learning and how it happens. This session includes:

  • The idea of 10,000 hours vs. emotional templating (supported by Ashridge neurobiology research).
  • Top tips on how to learn well.
  • How to schedule in apprentice-pieces for the future.

Based on Eve’s book, Capitalism’s Toxic Assumptions: Redefining Next Generation Economics (2015), this session includes:

  • Discovering the 7 toxic assumptions of market capitalism.
  • Understanding how leaders can reform the global system.
  • Using your bank statement to delivering global change.

Understand the importance of personal impact, status and first impressions. This session includes:

  • Coaching on how to look the part and use power well.
  • ‘Cinderella Rules’ – the points system for power dressing.
  • Inspiration and learnings from Eve’s personal experiences at Lucie Clayton finishing school.