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January 2019

Thought For The Day – Blessings – 10th Jan 2019

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January’s a tricky month, emotionally speaking. It contains Blue Monday, statistically the saddest day of the year, a calculation based on weather conditions, levels of debt, and the length of time since Christmas. Crucially, enough time has now passed for us to have already failed to keep our new year’s resolutions: we know we need to take ourselves in hand, but we currently lack the motivation to do so. And for many people that means insomnia, as we while away the wee small hours fretting about our failings. Read More

Thought For The Day – Index

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I have been delivering “Thought For The Day” pieces on BBC Radio Scotland since November 2016. By kind permission these pieces are reproduced in blog posts here on my website and this post serves an index to these pieces.

5th November 2019 – Bonfire Night

24th September 2019 – Sharing The Harvest

20th August 2019 – Forgotten Places

15th August 2019 – Fair Play

14th June 2019 – The Wrong Person

5th February 2019 – It’s My Birthday

10th January 2019 – Blessings

2nd October 2018 – Choices

4th September 2018 – Weather-making

23rd August 2018 – Festival Season

25th July 2018 – St Anne

8th June 2018 – Sabbath

29th March 2018 – The Royal Maundy

8th March 2018 – International Women’s Day

19th January 2018 – Loneliness

14th November 2017 – The BBC

30th August 2017 – Bridges

18th August 2017 – Sad News

27th July 2017 – The Sleeper

11th May 2017 – Blessed Transactions

28th April 2017 – Passing Places

28th February 2017 – Pancake Day

2nd February 2017 – Groundhog Day

1st November 2016 – Red Letter Days