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April 2007

Is creativity spirituality?

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Is creativity spirituality and vice versa? God breathed life into the dust to create Adam – spirit and creation as one and the same action. And if the spirit is our link to the great all-knower, creativity and innovation is the act of allowing the spirit to breathe new life into old forms.

Terry Pratchett’s Theology

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I am thinking about the Terry Pratchett quote from Thief of Time:

“They were not bad men. They had worked hard on behalf of the valley for hundreds of years. But it is possible, after a while, to develop certain dangerous habits of thought. One is that, while all important enterprises need careful organisation, it is the organisation that needs organising, rather than the enterprise.” Read More

Too much economic intervention creates moral lassitude

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For me, sin has a technical and a moral basis. Given that, in spite of Genesis, we are not omniscient, we will inevitably make the wrong choices, not being in full possession of the facts. For me this is ‘original sin,’ and a massive argument for a free market economy, which is more ‘intelligent’ than a command economy. This is different from ‘moral’ sin, which comprises sins of commission and omission. This is a massive argument for an interventionist economy, provided that it is lead by a ‘moral’ authority. So we are at an impasse. Another arbitrating doctrine or principle is required to provide guidance. Read More

Baptising Mammon – the role of the godparents

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We are forever counselling companies who want to achieve change to look to their performance management systems. After all, ‘what gets measured gets managed’. Now that employees have grown used to appraisal systems, they’ve also learned how to play these systems, and there’s no point in hoping for new behaviours if people are not going to be rewarded for displaying them. Read More